Long time, no cook?

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted anything here…far too long. I promised Christmas cookies and Fall soups…lots more Italian Deliciousness sans dairy and gluten coming your way.  And believe me, I was baking and cooking my heart out getting ready to bring you all an Italian Christmas. 

That cooking plan that I had, however, took a course that I didn’t see coming, and one that took me a while to get back to. The funny thing about being Italian is that cooking is healing. For me, it brings a sense of joy and life to even the simplest of moments. 

So although I’ve been quiet on here, I’ve been cooking… I’ve been cooking a lot. I also grew a massive garden with my sister and her family this summer…one that produced so much, I was constantly asking, ‘Are you sure there aren’t magic powers in this soil?’ 

I’ve been creating new sauces. Testing out 10 different pickle varieties (I mean, what else do you do when your garden produces 10-12 cucumbers a day…for a MONTH straight!), and testing out recipes that are even kid approved…

Oh ya…when you’re cooking for three little boys under the age of seven as part of your taste-testers, they are not afraid to tell you their thoughts. Like really tell you their thoughts-good or ewww-worthy. 

I guess it’s a good thing that I have a sense of humor and want my recipes to appeal to even the youngest of diners so that they appeal kids with allergies too. If not, I might never cook again when three firm, ‘Can you make boxed mac n cheese…’ requests quickly happen. 

So stay tuned…there’s much more to come this fall and I’m excited to bring new recipes and funny anecdotes along the way.